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The strongest man in the world Jiří Tkadlčik is from the Czech Republic. This strongman trains with our weighted vest Heavy Weight has interested in sports since childhood. JT played ice-hockey, football, tennis, and other sports. He also did JUDO but once he went to the gym and it has changed his life. Jiří loves sports and nothing can stop him. When he was young doctors claimed that he should not lift heavy weights but now he is the world champion in middleweight under 105 kg and many medals. He got two gold medals and one silver medal from Arnold Classic in South America. He is also champion of Europe and the Czech Republic. We watched his career for a long time and in the end, we met. Our weighted vest Heavy Weight is convenient for strongman training. What we like about Jiří is that he does not support everyone. He always chooses what he believes in. We are glad he believes us and we do everything for it. We are also so proud that all of you believe us. We do our best.

Jiří does a workout with our weighted vest Heavy Weight but he wears the vest during many challenges.  The last challenge was the tiger challenge when he pulled 42 tons heavy crane with our 40 kilograms weighted vest. It seemed to be impossible but JT did it. We are happy that our cooperation is in the beginning.

Bellow is video how he pulled 42 tons heavy crane:



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