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UFC fighter – Makhmud “Mach” Muradov and weighted vest Heavy Weight

Makhmud Muradov one of the most talented UFC fighters. Mach takes his training very seriously so he needs to have professional equipment. He used to train with many weighted vests but he was never satisfied until now. 

When we talked together Mach told us that he will not be satisfied with an ordinary weight vest. That was the best thing he could say because we try to produce the best weighted vests in the world.

Mach also wished custom vest so we made for him 20 kgs weight vest Heavy Weight with his own design. We put there two flags (the Czech flag and the flag of Uzbekistan), shortcut “TMT” and his name. 

When Mach was winning many fights he used to become very popular also in the USA. May Weather (one of the best boxers in the world) called him the most talented fighter of today. 

Makhmud Muradov uses weighted vest Heavy Weight for his whole MMA training. His favorite training with a weighted vest is hill running with 20 kgs added. He also does burpees, air squats, and conditional training with a weighted vest. We can´t forget for practicing punches and kicks which Mach practice with our weighted vest too. 

Mach as a UFC fighter really loves weighted vest Heavy Weight and he didn’t tell us any negative word. We wish him the best of luck. 

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