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The World Champion in a classic bodybuilding Dalibor Hájek

DaliborHájek is the world champion in classic bodybuilding. He has our weighted Heavy Weight vest in his GYM. That´s a great honor for us. He also took a picture of him in our weighted vest to memorize our meeting. This guy is the biggest professional bodybuilder in the Czech Republic. Since his childhood he has been interested in sports. He started as a rower and became one of the best rowers in the Czechoslovakia.  In 1993, he switched to bodybuilding. Nowadays, thanks to his career, he is a trainer helping others to achieve their goals in bodybuilding.  He has been a professional bodybuilder since 2012 when he won Arnold Amateur in the USA.

Dalibor´s biggest achievements:

  • China Pro 2014 – bronze medal
  • Winner Arnold Amateur 2012
  • The World Champion 2010
  • World championship 2006 – bronze medal
  • Czech champion in 2005

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