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Adjustable weighted vest HEAVY WEIGHT 1-60 KG Strongman Edition

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The universal and adjustable weighted vest Heavy Weight 1-20 or 1-30 or 1-40 kg

Weight is spread equally. Our vest is made by hand in the Czech Republic from highly resistant materials for the only purpose – to achieve maximum durability. The vest provides high adhesion and adaptability thanks to two systems. Very simple handling and high mobility during workout. Size is universal and suitable for all types. The vest is used for becoming better in any sport. You can change the weight by 6 kilogram – From 6 to maximum weight of your chosen option.

The vest is suitable for growing muscles or combustion. It depends on how you set weights, your series or your whole training.

Used for:

You can use the vest for all sports like ice-hockey, martial ATS, workout, calisthenics, CrossFit, TRX exercises, running, power lifting and so on.

Ice-hockey, football, floorball, basketball, rugby, martial arts, climbing, motocross, workout, CrossFit, weighted calisthenics and for all sports

Technical description


High motivation

Made in CZ by hand from highly resistant materials

Changing weights – 6 kg

Brilliant manipulation

High mobility

Universal size and high adaptability

Suitable for all physiques

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The universal and adjustable weighted vest Heavy Weight 1-60 kg

A special weighted vest made from three highly resistant materials, stitched together in the same way as a bulletproof vest used by the police, designed for high flexibility during workout and the highest mobility while wearing the vest. Tested by professional sportsmen.

Additional information

Weight 60 kg
váhové varianty

60 kg, 80 kg


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