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JAROMÍR JÁGR trains with HeavyWeight

It is generally known that living ice-hockey legend Jaromír Jágr has trained with weighted vest his whole career. Why is JJ68 the most famous ice-hockey player in the world? It is quite simple. JÁGR has never been afraid of making his training harder. What he said many times: “Look, you go shoot pucks in the closed arena at night, and it´s not working. So how will you make it work, huh? So you´re going back to shoot the puck again tomorrow night, right?

Jaromír Jágr trains with weighted vest Heavy Weight! It took quite a long time to meet with JJ68 because we both have many things to do. We have already met with numbers of professional athletes and we cooperate with them on an everyday base. We develop new products every day. However, once we agreed meeting with the Strongest man under 105 Kgs Jiřím Tkadlčíkem in Prag. It is very close to the ice-hockey club of Jaromír Jágr so we took a few vests and went to Kladno Knight´s ice-hockey club. We had no idea if he is there but we had luck. Few players of A-team had training but there wasn´t JJ68 with them. So we went to ask them if Jaromír will come. They said that never knows. So we decided to wait a while. After one hour we when we wanted to leave one guy came to us and said that Jaromír is there. After one hour when all players left ice Jaromír came. We told him if he knows that we are waiting for him and he said YES, but he kept walking. We told that we never force anyone to talk with us but all athletes are willing to do it. It actually didn´t work, hah. Jaromír kept walking to the ice so we had to do something else.  We told him that we have something for him, something that he will definitely love like all athletes we cooperate with (NHL players, UFC fighters, World Champions and so on). It is a weighted vest Heavy Weight made by us (in the Czech Republic) we said. At that moment Jaromír stopped and told us if we have one with us. We brought him two vests and JÁGR put it on him 10kgs weighted vest Heavy Weight and started to skate. We guess he loved that vest because he decided to not wear out.

After that, we had a friendly conversation together. We had to mention to him that when he graduated in high school he made hattrick against the USA and we were watching that match and didn´t care about graduation. JÁGR gave us advice about what we can make better. He also mentioned something very important we cannot reveal yet. We were so excited that we forgot to change the telephone numbers and went home.

After some time we wanted to talk to him but we noticed that we do not have his telephone number. We had to go 400 km again to meet together. We are Heavy Weight so no barrier for us. Fortunatelly, Jaromír was on the ice and immediately when he spotted us he saluted us. We waited until the end of the training. After that Jaromír asked us about what we talked about last time. We said that we wanted to give him an answer but we had no way how to contact with him. The best way was to meet personally again. Jaromír said that weighted vest Heavy Weight is brilliant and holds perfectly on his body during training. We took a photo together and went home.

Next time we communicated through the phone. Jaromír was so satisfied that he ordered more 3 vests Heavy Weight just for him and weights for ankles Heavy Weight. Well, Jaromír Jágr ice-hockey legend of the whole world trains with the weighted vest but it is not an ordinary weighted vest. It is weighted vest Heavy Weight, weights for ankles Heavy Weight and other products Heavy Weight.

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